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Getting your team started with Companion

Getting started

Hello and welcome to Companion, the workplace wellbeing app.

Companion is a collection of expert guides, tools and strategies to help you manage all kinds of stressful or anxiety-causing events.

It uses proven psychological techniques that really work, and one of the key ones is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT for short.

If you'd like to know more about what CBT is and how it works, we've got an expert guide right here.

Is Companion the right app for me?

We think the answer is yes: Companion can make a real difference in every kind of organisation by improving everybody’s workplace wellbeing.

You and your team will get full access to our high quality collection of tools, audio guides and effective strategies.

How can I register my team?

If you're considering Companion for your business, there's a completely free trial that gives you and your team full access to everything in the app.

Register your team here to get started.

I've just registered my team, what can I do now?

If you've registered your team, there's a couple of things you can now do.

Firstly, download our app on iOS or Android and login with your email and password. You will be able to access all of our expert audio guides, advice and content.

Secondly, you can share Companion with your colleagues in two ways: by sending them an invite from your account or by sharing a link.

How can I invite my colleagues?

Using your email and password, login to your account here.

Click on 'Manage members' in the left hand navigation and then click 'Invite new members' and follow the instructions.

You can also grab your sign up link on the 'Manage members' screen which you can share with your team via email or Slack for example.

And how does the app work?

Companion is structured into three main sections; Home, Explore and Journal.

Home shows you today's featured guide, your selected interests and recommended topics and our most recent articles.

When you've been using the app it will also show you the recently played audio guides and the recently viewed topics so it's easy to pick up from where you left off.

Explore is the beating heart of the app, a place to search and browse for the content that you need in any given moment. It's the gateway to our topics, guides and strategies.

All of our guides follow the same structure: there's an introduction to the topic, so for example you might select 'Stress and anxiety - the basics' to learn about workplace stress and what causes it.

The topic is then split into bite-sized guides that go into detail, so to stick with the Stress & Anxiety example you'll have guides on what stress does to your brain and body, what signs to look out for and so on.

Last but not least, each guide finishes with a collection of strategies.

These are the takeaways, the practical steps you can take to improve your workplace wellbeing.

Journal is where you can find your list of bookmarked guides, saved strategies and an interactive exercise for reframing negative thoughts.

There's lots to do and we have big plans for adding lots more!

And what next?

Now is the time to make the most of your free trial.

We're here to meet the needs of you, your business and your team and we're happy to answer questions and receive feedback. Just get in touch.

Or if you’d like our founder Dan to talk you through Companion's key features, click here to schedule a time that suits.

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