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Stress, anxiety and Companion: why we made our app


Hi. I'm Dan, co-founder of Companion.

Can I speak honestly and openly?

Companion exists because if it weren't for the tools and strategies that are at the heart of this app, I'd still be struggling with my mental health.

Back in 2013 I was a successful product designer, but while to everybody else I seemed to be doing fine, I really wasn't.

What seemed to be a never-ending assault of work and health-related problems was having a terrible effect on my mental health, and that was affecting not just my mood but my personal and work life.

When I was at my lowest, I couldn't imagine things could ever get better.

But they did.

They did because I met Dr Robin Hart, a highly experienced psychologist specialising in stress and anxiety.

Robin introduced me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT for short, which helps you understand the negative thoughts you're experiencing and gives you the tools and strategies you need to identify, challenge and deal with them.

I didn't get better overnight. Mental health doesn't work like that, at least not for me.

But I did get better, and that's when I started to wonder how many other people were suffering the way I'd suffered.

The answer turned out to be 'a lot': stress, anxiety and their fellow traveller depression account for over 55% of all the sick days in the UK.

Have you heard the phrase 'be the person that you needed back then'?

That's what I decided to do.

I teamed up with Robin to find a way to make the CBT tools and techniques that had helped me available to anyone, and to do it in a way that anyone could access at any time, anywhere, in any kind of workplace.

Companion exists because we know what you're going through, because we've been through it ourselves. And we know how to help.