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With remote, home and mobile working becoming increasingly commonplace the lines between work life and home life can often become blurred.

Setting healthy boundaries can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and they can even help you sleep better.

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Our guides offer tools and techniques that are effective in encouraging healthy thinking, enabling you or your team to create and maintain realistic, compassionate, and constructive thoughts.

Topic 1

How to find work-life balance

Leave your work stress at your desk and arrive home with a peaceful mind.

With the increase in remote working, maintaining a good work-life balance has never been more important.

In this topic, we will explore the reasons why the lines between work and personal life may blur and discover how to reestablish these lines.

Topic 2

Creating positive routine

Creating a positive routine is all about consistency.

It can be as simple or as complex as you like but it should relate to you and your specific needs.

In this topic we will help you establish and practice a routine that will positively impact your working life.

Topic 3

Creating healthy digital habits

Digital devices and social media have increasingly become a central part of our existence.

There are many benefits to having access to the digital world, however research demonstrates that unless we engage with it in a healthy way, it can have a negative impact on our general wellbeing and mental health.

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Improving your work/life balance

An audio guide for finding work/life balance

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