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Whether it's workplace pressure, setting unrealistic expectations and goals or dealing with the beginnings of burnout, the modern workplace can be a challenging place.

Many of us tend to ignore our stress levels until they become too high – and by then they're already having a negative impact on our well-being. Let's change that.

Expert-led workshops and content

Our training is based on proven psychological approaches and delivered by a team of expert psychologists, clinicians and coaches.

Session 1

Building mental resilience

Mental resilience is the ability to bounce back from the adversity and challenges that everyone faces in the workplace.

This workshop will explain why mental resilience is important in the workplace, explore its key components and provide specific actionable strategies that can be started today to improve your mental wellbeing.

Session 2

Burnout prevention

Burnout can have long-term physical and mental consequences so recognising the signs and knowing how to respond to them is very important.

This workshop will explore what burnout is, it's causes and how as individuals we can take control and protect ourselves using specific science-based techniques.

Session 3

Manage negative thinking

Negative thinking not only impacts on our mood, behaviours, health and general wellbeing but can also negatively impact on the people around us.

This workshop will explore the importance of learning to manage your mind since the way you think has a direct impact on how you feel and what actions you choose to take.

Session 4

Manage your physical and mental wellbeing

Stress and anxiety are among the most common issues that affect people’s mental health.

This workshop will explore the common causes of work-related anxiety, the impact of stress on employees and will explain the critical concepts for managing physical and mental wellbeing at work.

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How to reframe your negative thinking

Part 1 - Introduction to thought reframing

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