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Negative thinking can creep into our minds without us even noticing it. It can make us into procrastinators or perfectionists, and it can be triggered by emotions, situations or even memories.

Learning to recognise and reframe those thoughts can boost performance, productivity and mental well-being.

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Our training is based on proven psychological approaches and delivered by a team of expert psychologists, clinicians and coaches.

Session 1

Workload management

Whilst we are taught how to do our jobs and perform the tasks and activities that are central to our roles, we’re not always taught how to manage our workload in such a way that we can fulfil our potential as individuals and team members.

This workshop explores the common mistakes many of us make, how to turn problems into solutions and explains the critical concepts of effective workload management.

Session 2

Beat procrastination

Procrastination can give us short-term relief but often leads to long-term negative consequences.

This workshop will explore what procrastination is, the impact it can have on our productivity and a step by step approach for beating procrastination.

Session 3

Beat perfectionism

Many of us want to do well and succeed, but we need to be careful that that desire doesn't spiral into perfectionism.

This workshop will describe what perfectionism is, explore the impact it can have on our mental wellbeing at work and explain the four critical concepts for beating perfectionism.

Session 4

Recognising achievements

When we experience success or failure at work, we can fall into the trap of viewing both in a negative light. That can impact our mental well-being, which in turn can hinder our success in work and in life.

This workshop will discover why many of us struggle to recognise our achievements, the impact that can have on mental well-being and will focus on four critical concepts for recognising achievements and boosting self-esteem.

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Reflecting on achievements

Part 1 - Reflection on success

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