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The stats don't lie

Work-related ill health and occupational disease is on the rise in the UK.


UK workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/2020


working days lost in 2019 in the UK


of all working days lost to ill health caused by stress


working days are lost per year per case

* Estimates of work-related ill health are based on self-reports from the Labour Force Survey (LFS)

We know what you're going through

Whether it's workplace pressure, office politics, imposter syndrome, remote working or COVID-related stress, the modern workplace can be a challenging place to work.

Our app can give you the guidance, tools and support you need to handle even the most demanding days.

Companion helps people in three key ways


You can't solve a problem until you understand what it is. Companion helps you understand the triggers and stressors that affect your resilience and wellbeing at work.


Our expert audio guides and easy exercises give you the tools you need to manage workplace stress and anxiety.


Companion's bite-sized strategy guides can help you maintain your mental wellbeing and develop the resilience to take on all kinds of challenges.

Companion can help you reach your goals

Companion's library is always expanding. Right now it has 200 expert audio guides covering over 40 different topics, including:

Learning to manage stress & anxiety symptoms

Managing stress and anxiety at work

Discovering healthier thinking

Improving your work/life balance

Improving communication and relationships

Becoming more resilient and self-confident

Developing key work-related skills

Manage personal wellbeing & development

Manage other kinds of stress and anxiety

Try one of our free audio guides

Make room in your life for your life with this guide to switching off from work.

The Companion app has 200 expert audio guides just like this covering over 40 different topics.

Switching off

An audio guide for switching off from work