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We know what you're going through

Low self-esteem or feelings of burnout can make it hard to get through the days, but these feelings aren’t inevitable.

You can become more confident, more resilient and more positive, ready to handle even the toughest challenges.

Expert-approved tools and strategies

Our guides offer tools and strategies that are effective in building your resilience and self-confidence, enabling you or your team to overcome internal criticism, negative emotions, and imposter syndrome.

Topic 1

Building resilience for work

Resilience is our ability to bounce back and recover from difficult situations. Building your resilience can be a powerful way of managing stress and anxiety at work.

In this topic, we will encourage you to explore your current levels of resilience and apply strategies to help increase it.

Topic 2

Coping with negative emotions

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage negative emotions in a healthy way.

In this topic, you will explore your emotional baseline and learn how to lower it to enable you to cope with negative emotions more effectively.

Topic 3

Imposter syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite external evidence to the contrary.

Discover why impostor syndrome occurs, how to recognise it and most importantly of all, how to address it.

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Work on building an internal, compassionate voice that is encouraging and motivating.

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Becoming more resilient and self-confident

An audio guide for managing your internal critic

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