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We know what you're going through

Many of us feel insecure or unprepared at work, although some people are really good at hiding it.

By developing your key work skills you can banish negative self-talk, boost your self-confidence, overcome challenges and achieve your career goals.

Expert-approved tools and strategies

Our guides offer tools and strategies that work to help you develop crucial skills for the workplace, benefiting both yourself and your team.

Topic 1

Making difficult decisions

In this topic, we'll take you through the seven important steps of problem solving and decision making.

We will discover how to communicate more clearly and how to evaluate the results of your decision.

Topic 2

Reflecting on achievements

When we experience success or failure, it can be easy for us to apply a positive or negative bias to our thinking.

In this topic, we will help you to reflect on past experiences to find a more balanced perspective.

Topic 3

Manage presentation-related anxiety

Delivering a presentation is a chance for you to show your passion, develop your skills and progress in your career.

In this topic, we will help you to prepare and deliver your presentation and provide strategies and techniques for reducing presentation anxiety.

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Developing key work-related skills

An audio guide for making difficult decisions

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