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We're constantly communicating, but if we're not clear about our needs it can cause confusion or even conflict.

Effective communications can help you manage change, minimise problems and ensure that your workplace needs are met.

Expert-approved tools and strategies

Our guides offer tools and techniques that work in encouraging your communication to be more effective, enabling you or your team to communicate your needs, manage conflict and tackle change in the workplace.

Topic 1

How to communicate assertively

When you communicate effectively and assertively, you are increasing your chances of being heard, understood and your needs being met.

Discover the different kinds of communication styles and how you can communicate more effectively with your colleagues.

Topic 2

Managing conflict in the workplace

Conflict in relationships is inevitable, but what matters is how we manage it.

Reflecting on our relationships and experience can help us improve our ability to respond to conflict with assertiveness and balance.

Topic 3

Managing change in the workplace

Sometimes change can feel exciting, a positive step in a new direction; other times it can feel overwhelming, stressful and anxiety provoking.

In this topic, we will encourage you to evaluate and manage your response to change.

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