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Anxiety can be overwhelming, and it can make us avoid certain situations, events or people.

Whether we're anxious about long distance travel or Long COVID, it can make our hearts race, our breathing ragged and our brains fill with worst-case thinking.

Expert-approved tools and strategies

Our guides offer tools and strategies that are effective in helping you understand and tackle a range of common anxieties, encouraging you to take action whilst being kind to yourself.

Topic 1

Health anxiety

Health anxiety is a preoccupation with the belief that you are unwell or in imminent danger of a life-threatening illness.

It is often provoked by a negative misinterpretation of 'everyday' bodily sensations and maintained by the fear and consequent behavioural patterns that these interpretations promote.

Topic 2

Travel anxiety

Some of us experience anxiety when travelling in enclosed or crowded spaces such as on airplanes, or public transport, or in environments that are unfamiliar.

In this topic, we'll look at the most common forms of travel anxiety and discuss strategies that can help you travel without fear.

Topic 3

Long-term conditions and work

Long-term health conditions can have a significant impact on how we feel and our ability to function.

In this topic, we explore ways of coping with some of the most common long term difficulties such as IBS, fatigue and pain-related conditions.

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