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We know what you're going through

Whether it's workplace pressure, setting unrealistic expectations or goals or dealing with burnout, the modern workplace can be a challenging place.

We have a tendency to ignore our stress levels until they become too high and have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Let's change this.

Expert-approved tools and strategies

Our guides offer tools and techniques that really work to reduce stress and anxiety, enabling you or your team to manage even the most demanding days.

Topic 1

How to handle pressure and responsibility

We often need pressure to perform well. However, too much pressure can lead to illness and emotional distress.

Discover how you can learn to manage and alleviate pressure through goal setting, understanding boundaries, thought management and more.

Topic 2

Setting your goal for the day

Effective goal setting is all about being SMART: this acronym reminds you to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

In this topic, we will help you to identify and formulate your goals in a way that promotes wellbeing as well as achievement.

Topic 3

Recognise and respond to burnout

Whilst stress can be helpful and motivating, it can result in burnout if not managed appropriately.

In this topic, we will help you understand what constitutes stress, recognise the signs of burnout and engage in rest and recovery.

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How to handle pressure and responsibility

An audio guide for overcoming the build up of pressure

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