The stress and anxiety app for businesses and their people

Help reduce everyday stress and anxiety using cognitive behavioural therapy

Breathing exercises to help with physical symptoms of stress and anxiety

Mindfulness and productivity audio guides for managing everyday anxiety

Find appropriate help and support with our stress and anxiety questionnaire

How can Companion help?

Companion can help relieve your team members' stress and anxiety right now and teach them guides and strategies for managing negative thinking and increasing their mental resilience. It's simple to get started.

Create your team account for up to 250 people. Access our full app for free for 14 days.
Send your team invites to join or simply share your registration URL so they can do it themselves.
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We believe employee wellbeing is crucial for business success. Support your team today!

Why Companion?

Companion is a toolkit based on cognitive behavioural therapy that can help improve your team's mental resilience and wellbeing.

In studies, our app has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels from 'moderate' to 'mild' and help our users manage everyday anxiety.

Created by CBT psychologist, Robin Robin, and his former patient, Dan Dan, Companion is a therapeutic and safe tool for you and your team.

NHS Included in the NHS Apps Library

“Since using this app I have instantly seen a change in my ability to deal with panic attacks and anxious thoughts.”

redcheekediz - App store review

“Have had CBT before, and this app is a fantastic companion for continuing good CBT habits even when time with the specialist is over.”

Billomena - App store review

14 day free trial for up to 100 people Annual team subscription for £250

Audio guides
Written guides
Basic app
Rebreathing exercise
Thought reframing (limited)
1 x Mindfulness audio guide
1 x written guide - ‘Essential information about stress, anxiety and wellbeing’
Stress & anxiety questionnaire
Full app
+ Box breathing exercise
+ Thought reframing (unlimited)
+ 5 more Mindfulness audio guides
+ 3 Life challenge audio guides (Work, Travel, Study)
+ 5 more written guides - For work, students, travel, health and relationships
+ Space to include your own company’s wellbeing information and services (coming soon)

Download our guide for getting started with Companion.