We're Companion, the stress and anxiety app for SMEs and their people

Help reduce work-related stress and anxiety using cognitive behavioural therapy

Breathing exercises to help with physical symptoms of stress and anxiety

Audio guides for reducing symptoms and managing thinking

Find appropriate help and support with our stress and anxiety questionnaire

Introducing Companion

Companion is a mental health application for the modern worker included in the NHS Apps Library.

It’s based on CBT
With tools, guides, exercises and resources built around proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
It supports employees
To reduce symptoms, manage thinking, proactively improve overall wellbeing.
It supports SMEs
With a layer of support tools for organisations to build healthy and productive workplaces.
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Give your team access today. No sales people, no hidden demos, no negotiation required.

Created by Robin and Dan

Companion was created by psychologist Dr Robin Hart Robin and his former patient, Dan Bladon Dan.

Dan met Robin in 2005, when he was struggling with stress, anxiety and disruptive thinking caused by a combination of work and health-related challenges.

Robin introduced Dan to the world of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and got him back on the right path.

Ten years later, Dan was leading a design practice focused on digital health and he wanted to create a simple tool based on CBT to help people managing their work and life-related stress and anxiety.

And whom better to do it with than the psychologist who got him started with it.

In studies, our app has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels from 'moderate' to 'mild'.

NHS We're proud to be included in the NHS Apps Library

“Since using this app I have instantly seen a change in my ability to deal with panic attacks and anxious thoughts.”

redcheekediz - App store review

“Have had CBT before, and this app is a fantastic companion for continuing good CBT habits even when time with the specialist is over.”

Billomena - App store review

14 day free trial for up to 100 people Annual team subscription for £250

Audio guides
Written guides
Basic app
Rebreathing exercise
Thought reframing (limited)
1 x Mindfulness audio guide
1 x written guide - ‘Essential information about stress, anxiety and wellbeing’
Stress & anxiety questionnaire
Full app
+ Box breathing exercise
+ Thought reframing (unlimited)
+ 5 more Mindfulness audio guides
+ 3 Life challenge audio guides (Work, Travel, Study)
+ 5 more written guides - For work, students, travel, health and relationships
+ Space to include your own company’s wellbeing information and services (coming soon)

Download our guide for getting started with Companion.