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We're here for you

Our tools will help you feel better by giving you proven techniques to deal with stress and anxiety, to handle everyday irritations and to help you achieve your goals.

We're here for your people

Workplace wellbeing doesn't just boost morale. It makes businesses more productive too. Companion is helping organisations of all kinds create more resilient, healthier workplaces.

We're really good

All of our tools, guides and resources are based on proven psychological techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Our methods really work.


Stress & Anxiety Companion

The perfect partner

Learn how to handle even the most difficult days.

From office politics to imposter syndrome, COVID restrictions to remote working, the modern workplace can be pretty stressful sometimes.

Our NHS-approved app will give you the guidance, the tools and the support you need to take on even the most demanding days.


It’s all about you

Find what you need – fast

Companion has been designed to give you what you need instantly, any time or anywhere.

It will ask you what you're interested in and take you straight to the tools, techniques and strategies you need.

And it works online and offline too.


Instant expertise

A huge library of expert advice

Companion's library of expert audio guides is constantly being updated, and right now there are 200 guides covering nearly 40 different topics.

If you want to learn about stress, discover how to communicate more effectively or find a better work/life balance, there's an expert audio guide just for you.


Tried and tested tools

Discover proven ways to improve your wellbeing at work

Our audio guides use proven psychological techniques to help you make a real difference to your life.

They cover everything from mindfulness to managing problematic thinking, goal setting and imposter syndrome.

And they're short so you can listen whenever you have a moment.


Feel better forever

Learn strategies that'll help you throughout your career

Companion will teach you strategies that you can use to cope with whatever your working life throws at you.

By learning why you feel the way you do, you'll discover effective ways to improve your workplace wellbeing not just in the short-term, but in the long-term too.


Don't just take our word for it

Our NHS-approved app is helping all kinds of people both feel better and do better.

We rolled Companion out to our full team of 35 employees to help to positively support our team with their mental health during these difficult times.

It's so perfectly complementary to the CBT I’m already having outside of work. It's been really helpful during an incredibly difficult time for me and my family.

Companion has not only become a key component of our onboarding process - existing employees love it too!

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